easy like sunday morning - heART story EDINA, MN


jammies, bacon and bedhead...i love showing up to my client's homes bright and early on the weekends.  everybody is a little bit more snuggly...a little more relaxed.  there is not a lot of time to get 'composed' and in character which can be tempting when a photographer is about to show up at your house.  i'm so grateful for the trust of my clients....thank you for giving me a chance to show you that your lives are beautiful and artful just the way they are.  family photography has come so far from the days of JCPenney primped and posed portraits that years later are loved more as a dated tchochkes that said, 'this is what we looked like (sort of) and we are all smiling.'  that's pretty much it.  i want my family portraits to say, 'this was US,' i want them to feel that same connection 50 years later.  together we are creating an emotional record of a moment in time...and it's a wonderful thing <3.